3 Myths About Aftermarket Auto Parts That Aren’t True

3 Myths About Aftermarket Auto Parts That Aren’t True

There's a lot of incorrect information about aftermarket parts floating around these days, making it hard for people to discern truth from reality. The prospect of upgrading and replacing some of your car's components can also be daunting. However, the truth is that you shouldn't worry at all about using elements that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hasn’t created. Continue reading as we break down three myths about aftermarket auto parts that aren't true.

Can Hurt Resale Value

Aftermarket auto parts shouldn't depreciate the resale value of your vehicle if you purchase them from a reputable company like American Modified. Typically, aftermarket components only enter the market after passing a rigorous quality assessment.

Therefore, they shouldn't affect the valuation of your vehicle, provided that it's still in excellent condition and the parts help restore it to good working order. Furthermore, modifications can elevate the resale value, particularly for muscle cars and off-roading vehicles that receive significant performance boosts.

Inferior to OEM Parts

Some people feel that because OEM parts come from the same company that makes the vehicle, they're inherently superior to aftermarket parts. In actuality, many aftermarket components incorporate innovative technologies. Lots of research goes into their development, allowing them to actually outperform the originals in some cases. You also have a wide range of options and styles to suit your personality and performance preferences that you won't find at the original dealer.

Not Safe

You can divide aftermarket components into two categories: functional and aesthetic. Cosmetic parts, such as door skins, seat covers, and trims, are features that only serve to enhance the vehicle's style and aren't responsible for improving safety. The second category includes functional and structural features that keep the vehicle safe, such as crumple zones and shatter-resistant glass.

Whether OEM or aftermarket, functional parts serve specific tasks on your vehicle and must precisely mimic the original parts. As a result, you can rest assured that aftermarket components meet the same exacting standards as those that the original manufacturer produces.

We hope our breakdown of three myths about aftermarket auto parts that aren't true can put your mind at ease when purchasing these components. The truth is that aftermarket auto body parts can be great for your vehicle. American Modified is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of aftermarket components perfect for Jeep Wranglers, Ford Mustangs, Honda Civics, and more.

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