3 Ways To Make Driving Your Honda Civic More Fun

3 Ways To Make Driving Your Honda Civic More Fun

Honda Civics offers drivers a smooth ride, dynamic handling, and excellent fuel efficiency. While the compact sedan is renowned for its dependability, many drivers may want to spice up their ride. Look below to discover three ways to make driving your Honda Civic more fun.

Lower Your Car

While you don't need to drop your vehicle all the way to the ground where it's kicking up sparks, lowering your car the proper amount can boost handling performance and give it a great look. Your best bet is to go with a lowering spring and shock combo, reducing your car's ride height by an inch or two while also improving its general handling qualities.

A lowered suspension also allows drivers to be more sensitive to how their car reacts on varying surfaces. You become more highly tuned to the road as more vibrations from street defects get transmitted via your steering wheel. The lower center of gravity also allows your Honda Civic to drop into a turn more swiftly and react more responsively.

Bump Up the Size of Your Tires

Swapping out your standard tires for a set of larger, wider tires is a fantastic modification to go along with lowering your Honda Civic. Naturally, larger wheels will necessitate larger tires which provide a more significant contact patch with the ground.

You'll immediately start to see dividends with improved traction. Furthermore, you'll enjoy an increased grip when you take sharp corners. Even with a lack of horsepower, these stylish upgrades will make driving your Civic much more fun.

Swap Out Your Seats

It's nice to just hop in a car that feels comfortable and matches your personality. Swapping out your seats for sportier options can be a tremendous change when you own a Honda Civic but still have a racecar mentality.

Adding a set of racing seats will make your car more exciting and fun to drive since they offer more bolstering than factory seats and sit lower. That is, these alluring seats provide a sportier and more comfortable feel.

American Modified offers all the Honda Civic exterior parts you need to jazz up your style. While these are certainly three ways to make driving your Honda Civic more fun, there are also loads more mods out there that can improve the look and feel of your car. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our aftermarket parts.

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