4 Great Accessories to Buy For Your Tesla

4 Great Accessories to Buy For Your Tesla

When you buy your Tesla, you want to ensure it has all the necessary high-tech gadgets and accessories. From front bumper grilles to dashcams, plenty of items can help make your driving experience smoother and safer.

If you own a Tesla, these are four great accessories to buy for your Tesla to make your life easier.


A dashcam is essential for maximizing your safety while driving. It will alert you when there is an accident or other incident, and it can also provide evidence if something were to happen, and you need proof. Installing a Tesla dashcam is a simple way to keep an eye out on the road.


The front bumper grille of your Tesla is one of the most important parts of its exterior. Installing a custom grille will make your Tesla look unique and help protect the car from debris and rocks. You can also choose a grille that’s perfectly tailored to your car’s exact specifications.


Upgrading the interior lighting of your Tesla will add a personal touch to the inside of the car and help you see better in dim lighting. Replacing traditional lights with LED lighting can also help you save energy and money. Try to find lighting that best matches the colors and style of your vehicle.


Fog lights are essential for driving in low-visibility areas. Installing fog lights on your Tesla gives you greater control over the illumination of your vehicle and increases visibility in dark or foggy conditions. They are also a great way to make your car stand out from the crowd while driving.

Overall, there are plenty of accessories to choose from for your Tesla. Adding a few of these to your car, from dashcams to fog lights, can make it look and feel more personalized. Investing in the right accessories for your Tesla can enhance your driving experience and make you feel more secure while on the road.

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