Common Problems That Cause Tail Lights To Go Out

Common Problems That Cause Tail Lights To Go Out

Driving at night can be tricky and dangerous if your tail lights are not working. You can encounter dangers like other vehicles not being able to see your car or even becoming a potential traffic violation.

If you've noticed your vehicle’s tail lights have gone out, it's important to understand why it happened and how to fix the problem. We'll discuss some of the most common problems that cause tail lights to go out and what you can do to get them back up and running.

Fuse Problems

A fuse is a small electrical component in your car that regulates the flow of electricity. If a fuse blows, the tail lights will not turn on. The good news is fuses are relatively easy to check and replace yourself. Find the fuse box in your vehicle; it’s usually located near the engine or dashboard. Inside, you will see a diagram of which fuses control which parts of your car.

Once you find the appropriate fuse, you can test it with a voltage tester or remove it and look for signs of damage or burning. You can then purchase a replacement at any auto repair shop or online.

Bulb Issues

Another common cause of tail light failure is an issue with one or more bulbs in your rear bumper tail lights. Bulbs may burn out over time due to frequent use or because moisture has accumulated inside.

Depending on the type of bulb in your vehicle, you may need to replace both at once, as they must match each other for proper lighting output. It's also important to ensure you use the correct type of bulb for your vehicle; otherwise, it may not fit properly or work correctly even after replacing it with a functioning one. Always double-check before buying new bulbs for installation!

Wiring Issues

If neither fuses nor bulbs seem to be causing the issue, then there might be a problem somewhere in the wiring system. Wiring problems are much more difficult to diagnose than fuses or bulbs because they require you to trace the wires throughout various components and identify where exactly the short circuit is occurring.

Wiring issues are best left up to professionals who know their way around vehicles. Incorrect connections could lead to further damage down the line if not handled correctly from the start!

If you’re driving at night and you notice one or both of your tail lights have gone out, don't panic! It's likely just an issue with a blown fuse, a dead bulb needing a replacement, or perhaps even wiring problems. The wiring could have issues along its path from battery power to illuminating both sets of rear lights.

Taking care of these problems should be relatively straightforward if done right—don't be afraid to get under the hood and take care of business when necessary!

American Modified has many tail lights that can work for your car. You can also get professional help for any problems with your lights. Contact us today to learn more!

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