Easy Mustang Mods You Can Install at Home

Easy Mustang Mods You Can Install at Home

So, you finally got that beautiful Mustang you have always wanted, but it is not quite perfect yet. You might find that the stock look for your new Mustang just doesn’t quite do it for you. If that is the case, you are not alone. The Ford Mustang is a great car that is perfect for adding modifications to. The wonderful thing about modifying a Mustang is how easy it can be, as a lot of modifications can be ordered and then installed right in your driveway without the need for expensive power tools. Here are some easy Mustang mods you can install at home so that your Mustang can begin to really feel like your own.


American Modified takes great pride in delivering the highest quality Ford Mustang performance parts on the market. One of our personal favorites that you can easily install at home is replacements for your car’s grille. Not only do these grilles look much better than your standard Mustang grille, but they also help improve your car’s performance by keep debris away from your car’s engine. They are surprisingly easy to install as well, and absolutely no drilling is needed as our kits perfectly fit the original mounting holes without any problems.

Cold Air Intake

As a great way to give your engine a bit of a boost while upping its style as well, adding a cold air intake to your Mustang is one of the easier modifications you can make. Easily done in your own driveway, cold air intakes free up some of your engine’s horsepower, allowing you to really get the most out of your car. All you need is some basic hand tools and an hour or so and you can give your Mustang’s engine that classy, custom look.

Light Covers

A combination of form and function, custom light covers give the front of your car a lot more personality. Not only do they look stylish, but they also provide protection from the outdoors. With their conformed fit, they reduce the possibility of the light cracking or breaking thanks to anything the road might kick up at you. They are also easily installed, with no extra tools needed to make things complicated.


An essential component for anyone that pushes their Mustang to its limits, your tires are much easier to replace than you would think. All that is needed is a jack, a jack stand, and a tire iron and you can customize your Mustangs tires to your heart’s content. A couple of simple power tools make this installation a breeze if you have them, but tires can easily be installed right out of the box and onto your car with simpler tools as well if you would rather not bother with them.

Rear Diffuser

For those that really like to feel the speed of their Mustang on the open road, a rear diffuser could be exactly what you need. Much easier to install than a rear spoiler and arguably better at the same purpose as a spoiler, rear diffusers generate more downforce on your car as you speed up. This added downforce allows your car’s tires to grip the road more securely, allowing for higher speeds and better road grip for those tight turns.

Exhaust Kit

Slightly more time-consuming but just as simple of an installation would be replacing the exhaust kit on your Mustang. Another job that can be accomplished quite easily with simple hand tools, exchanging your stock exhaust kit for a custom one gives you control over the look of the back of your car and increases the volume of your exhaust so you can really hear that powerful engine humming.

Bumper Lip

If you want a more involved process without going overboard, adding on a bumper lip to the front of your Mustang can really make an impact. Not only does it provide that classic, muscle car look, it is practical as well. Bumper lips work by redistributing the airflow around your car more efficiently, thus allowing for your Mustang to reach higher speeds in quicker intervals. This installation process may involve some light amount of drilling, but it is worth it for all the benefits it provides.

Shocks and Struts

Only requiring a few different types of sockets, replacing worn-out shocks or struts is easily doable in your driveway without a professional. This modification is perfect for the driver that likes to go fast but may not have the best road conditions to do so on. New shocks can help stabilize your Mustang over difficult terrain such as rocky or sandy roads, keeping your ride experience smooth and easy.

Steering Wheel

Whether you decide for a complete replacement of your steering wheel or you just want a nice cover on it, your steering wheel is one of the most noticeable parts of your Mustang’s interior. Just as you want the outside to look sleek and stylish, the interior needs to match up with it too. A steering wheel cover could not be easier to install, but a full replacement will take a little bit more elbow grease to make sure it is working properly.

Window Louvers

For true style, customizing the outside of your car as much as possible is the way to go. Your windows can often be overlooked for other modifications, but a classy window louver can really beef up the look of your exterior. American Modified’s window louvers are easily applied and removed for easy access to the windows when you need it, and they really give your Mustang that high-quality, sports car look.

These easy Mustang mods you can install at home are the perfect project to try out if you are new to modifying cars. The Mustang’s ability to be modified in so many ways and the ease of which most of those mods can be installed are part of what makes it such a fantastic car. American Modified has always been dedicated to providing the best aftermarket products for not just Ford Mustangs, but also for F150’s, Jeeps, and Hondas. We strive to make sure all our products are affordable and accessible to everyone, whether they be brand new to the car mod scene or seasoned experts that have modified tons of vehicles.

Easy Mustang Mods You Can Install at Home

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