How To Give Your Ford Mustang a Personalized Look

How To Give Your Ford Mustang a Personalized Look

Almost every Ford Mustang owner wants to find the best way to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, these pony cars are adaptable, and you have many options for increasing your cool factor and improving your performance. In this article, we’ll help you figure out how to give your Ford Mustang a personalized look.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Every Mustang is already slick and muscular when it leaves the factory. However, while they have an iconic, stylish look, you can alter your paint job to distinguish them from others in the same hue. With a fresh coat of paint, you may drastically change the exterior to create your dream car.

Manufacturers create car paint specifically for use on automobiles, so it will adhere to the vehicle in all types of conditions. Car paint comprises three components. First, there’s the pigment, which gives the paint its color. The thinner stabilizes the paint’s thickness. Finally, the binder joins the thinner and pigment.

Red Is the Most Common Color

Red has been a popular color selection among customers since the Ford Mustang first debuted. In fact, according to Ford, around one in every five Mustangs built in the previous 50 years has been red. As a result, if you want your pony car to stand out, stay away from conventional red colors.

Change Up the Front End

You can apply many front-end changes to your Ford Mustang that will turn heads as you cruise down the highway or maneuver city streets. Also, several of these modifications have the added benefit of significantly improving your performance when you hit the road.

Lip Splitter

Lip splitters break up the air your Mustang travels through, forcing the high-pressure air to rise while the low-pressure air flows beneath the vehicle. The high-pressure air pushes your vehicle down, resulting in downforce while you enjoy increased traction. While these modifications offer your Mustang a distinct look, they also increase your grip on the road.

Hood Scoop

The amount of air and fuel that enters an engine determines your maximum horsepower. You can help your Mustang reach its full potential by adding a stylish hood scoop. Hood scoops have one opening and are covered on all other sides, allowing air to contact the engine compartment directly.

These modifications improve aerodynamics and, as a result, fuel efficiency and speed. They’re instrumental when traveling at high speeds, and they give your Mustang a more formidable appearance.

Swap Out Your Grilles

Your Mustang’s front end is a timeless design that has evolved through history while remaining faithful to its origins. A grille protects the radiator and engine by covering an opening in the front body of your car that allows air to enter or exit. Updating your stock grille with an aftermarket one is a standard cosmetic upgrade for many enthusiasts who want to change their look while still retaining the captivating Mustang style.

Aftermarket grilles can offer more extraordinary aerodynamic performance, keeping your engine cooler while hitting higher speeds consistently. So you can enjoy greater efficiency and personalize your front end to your liking.

Interior Alterations

Updating the interior of your Mustang is a straightforward way to add individuality to your vehicle and make it unique compared to other pony cars. By replacing stock components with premium seats and more padding, you can maximize the comfort of your driving position. Furthermore, there are a seemingly limitless number of personalization options for colors, designs, even art that you can add to your interiors.

Switch Button Covers

A row of console buttons, including a push start, is standard on newer Mustangs. The 2018 Ford Mustang, for example, introduced a push start button that glows red and gives the vehicle its own heartbeat. The start button beats at a rate of 30 beats per minute, which is the same as a pony’s resting heart rate.

You can also easily install and remove ornamental push start button covers directly on these console buttons. A decorative button cover personalizes your push start button and makes it difficult to fade away.

Paddle Shifter Extensions

Installing different colored steering shift paddles to your Ford Mustang can reflect your originality and flair while also making it pop. Paddle shifters place transmission control on your steering wheel, allowing you to change gears without having to move your hands off the wheel. Most vehicles’ right paddle shifts to a higher gear when accelerating, while the left paddle shifts lower when slowing down.

Seat Covers

Seat coverings are a basic yet handy addition that is also simple to install. They protect your seats from dirt, UV rays, pet hair, food spills, and many other things. There are so many distinctive styles and materials to choose from that you’re bound to discover one that suits your tastes.

Modify the Back End

Finally, you can make some significant alterations to your Mustang’s back end to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. These external modifications allow owners to enhance the look and feel of their cars according to their tastes.

Rear Diffuser

The primary purpose of an automotive rear diffuser is to increase downforce, improve grip on the road surface, and minimize aerodynamic drag. The diffuser affects the air pressure formed beneath the automobile, allowing it to equalize as the vehicle travels ahead, cutting the air. This feature will enable you to boost your speed and lower drag, all while giving your car a distinctive appearance.

Window Louvers

Window louvers are a set of slats you install on your Mustang’s rear window or side quarter windows. They add aesthetic appeal, decrease glare, and keep the interior of your vehicle cool.

These mods were common on muscle vehicles and exotics in the 1960s. As a result, they’re the ideal way to add a vintage touch to your modern Mustang.

We hope you have found this article helpful in figuring out how to give your Ford Mustang a personalized look. American Modified is your home for all the top aftermarket Ford Mustang body parts you need to customize your pony car to your liking. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about our comprehensive selection of products.

How To Give Your Ford Mustang a Personalized Look

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