How To Prep Your Mustang for the Winter

How To Prep Your Mustang for the Winter

The winter months can be brutal on your Ford Mustang if you're not careful. Fortunately, there are some vehicle modifications you can make to help it handle icy conditions. Continue reading for our guide on how to prep your Mustang for the winter.

Check On Your Tires

Road conditions will be your biggest concern, as snow, ice, slush, salt, and sand can cause significant damage to your standard tires and make driving dangerous. Switching to snow tires during the winter season can give you a considerable performance boost with increased traction and stability to better navigate icy roads.

Weigh Down the Back

Mustangs have rear-wheel drive, which can be a concern on slick roads, especially in the winter, because they are lighter at the back. You should load the trunk with sandbags or other heavy objects to further weigh down the rear, giving you extra weight and stability.

Get a Full Check-Up

Before you get into the heart of the winter, make sure you perform essential maintenance performed and top off fluids. Check your battery, change your oil, inspect your brakes, and make any repairs or replacements you've been putting off to guarantee your safety while driving. The last thing you want is to break down in the snow and cold.

Use Winter Wiper Blades

Snowfall, slush, and muck kicking up on your windshield can make it hard to see, posing a severe danger while driving. Consider switching out your standard wiper blades for winter ones, as they're strong enough to handle heavy snow and freezing rain with a durable protective layer. You should also switch to cold-weather washing fluid, which does not freeze up while removing slush accumulation on your windshield.

Make Sure Lights Are in Good Working Order

The days start to get darker earlier during the winter, so you need to ensure you can see during the nighttime. Examine your headlights and taillights to ensure they are in good operating order. Replace them as soon as they get dim or stop working.

Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Filling up your gas tank can help prevent the gas line from freezing over. When your gas tank is close to empty, there's more room for condensation to form. Try to have at least half a tank of gas at all times, especially on chilly days.

When figuring out how to prep your Mustang for the winter, the right modification can make all the difference. You can improve your vehicle's performance and aesthetics with Ford Mustang aftermarket parts from American Modified. We've been successfully manufacturing high-quality Mustang aftermarket components since 2008. Feel free to contact us today with any questions about our products.

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