How To Prep Your Wrangler for Off-Roading

How To Prep Your Wrangler for Off-Roading

There's nothing quite like getting a little mud underneath your Jeep Wrangler's tires. Taking your vehicle off-roading can be incredibly thrilling, but you don't want to get stuck miles away from civilization or struggle to take a tight turn due to improper maintenance. Read on to learn how to prep your Wrangler for off-roading.

Know What Type of Trails You're Taking

Different terrain will call for various modifications to your Jeep Wrangler to effectively push through the obstacles you'll be facing. For example, if you'll be traveling through woods with a fair amount of brush and rocks, you should be okay with all-terrain tires. However, if you know you'll be riding through sand or snow, you'll need specialized tires that can properly grip those loose, deep surfaces.

Understand Your Vehicle

You must understand the features and benefits that a Jeep Wrangler offers for off-roading to get the best performance out of the vehicle. Even the most basic Wrangler can conquer open terrain without extra modifications, thanks to features like the Command-Trac 4x4 System, Dana axles, and skid plates. While these basic features are great, you will need to figure out if there are any additional modifications, like tow hooks, you still need to add.

Plan in Detail

Locate official off-road sites to determine which are most appropriate for your vehicle and which are truly legal to off-road. Look for roads maintained by the U.S. Forest Service and ORV parks. Look ahead at the weather forecast for any signs of rain or heavy winds for the duration of your trip to be prepared for inclement conditions. Make sure to pack a survival kit in case of an emergency.

Lower Your Tire Pressure

Right before you're about to head off to a trail, slightly deflating your tires can be highly beneficial. It enhances traction by allowing more of the tire's rubber to grip the ground. You'll notice that the ride is a little less rough since the tires are softer when encountering obstacles. The rubber will also be more resistant to sharp objects with less pressure exerting itself when it makes contact.

Knowing how to prep your Wrangler for off-roading will allow you to do everything possible to focus on having fun once you're out in nature. The more time and energy you put into your vehicle, the better your performance will be.

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