Perfect Gifts for the Mustang Lover in Your Life

Perfect Gifts for the Mustang Lover in Your Life

Do you have a family member or friend that is an absolute Ford Mustang fanatic? Getting a present for folks who appreciate these unique muscle cars can be a snap, whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because. Continue reading below to find the perfect gifts for the Mustang lover in your life.

Storage Boxes for Side Doors

Storage boxes look fantastic when you install them in a Ford Mustang and are incredibly practical for adding an extra spot to place items around the vehicle. These apparatuses fit snugly into the side door armrest and enable you to put phones, wallets, jewelry, and much more in one convenient spot. The best part is that they're effortless to simply slide in and instantly add that extra bit of storage.

Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter Extension

You can add stylish and colorful shifter extensions to a Mustang to help give the driver increased control over their vehicle. Paddle shifters are gear-actuating devices placed into the rear of a car's steering wheel or on the steering column. The right paddle shifts up, and the left paddle shifts down.

These devices help you gain speed while easing the strain on your transmission. These are perfect for people you know looking to command their Mustang's gearing better.

Colorful Dashboard Engine Start/Stop Button

Anyone who enjoys personalizing their car will adore swapping the stop/start buttons on their Mustang with colorful replacements that add style to these practical components. These modifications are usually custom molded to fit and complement the interior trim while also providing decorative value. Simply clean off the surface where you need to place them and stick them on.

You can let friends and family members know that you care about them with one of these perfect gifts for the Mustang lover in your life. American Modified provides all the above devices and many other high-quality Ford Mustang aftermarket parts to help completely customize these powerful muscle cars. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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