The Best Destinations in the US for Off-Roading

The Best Destinations in the US for Off-Roading

Once you start off-roading regularly, you’ll find that it’s pretty hard to stop. You’re always searching for the next thrill, the next mountain to climb, or the next mud patch to barrel over. It’s just a fact of the lifestyle. Eventually, you’ll start to crave something else. You’ll feel like your usual haunts aren’t giving you the same rush that you once got. When that time comes, it’s time to hit the road and find someplace new. Luckily for us in the United States, there are plenty of incredible places where off-roading is better than anywhere else. To get you ready for your next adventure, here are some of the best destinations in the US for off-roading.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park in California is the perfect destination for the fall and wintertime. You can explore about 1,000 miles of road. You’ll have the opportunity to see some incredible canyons that you couldn’t witness if you were simply walking the park. There is plenty of rocky terrain to play around on, and there are even a few interesting sites, such as the Modoc mine, Wildrose Canyon, and the infamous Manson Ranch.


If you’re making your way out to Utah, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check out Moab. Whether you want to off-road in your truck, bike over the terrain, or simply hike through the many trails, there is something to see everywhere you look in Moab. Moab’s trails can easily accommodate large off-roading vehicles—even heavily modified ones. Don’t worry too much about your vehicle not being able to make the trip. You can even hire a guided truck tour through the area to see some of its best sites.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

If you’re looking to get back in tune with nature, take a trip north and check out the tranquility you can find in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Hundreds of miles of beautiful trails await you, dotted with lakes and crisscrossed by gorgeous rivers. Make sure you also check out Tahquamenon Falls, the second largest waterfall on the east side of the Mississippi River. The Upper Peninsula is great for seeing some incredible deserted beaches along the Great Lakes as well.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

There is an off-road lover’s dream in Marble Falls, Texas, not far outside of Austin. Hidden Falls Adventure Park has something for you whether you want to drive your truck, an ATV, or even a motorbike. You can view some amazing scenery as you traverse over its 240 miles of trails, each one offering different experiences. From mud trails to rock trails, there’s something for everyone. If you’re into other outdoor hobbies like mountain biking or fishing, this park provides opportunities to do both. You can even stay the night nearby if you want to spend a longer time there.

Byrd’s Adventure Center

If you’ve got a 4x4 you’ve been meaning to test out, look no further than Byrd’s Adventure Center in Ozark, Arkansas. The Ozarks offer serious terrain challenges, but there are also plenty of beginner trails to run as well. If you’re really serious about your off-roading, you can check out the “Red Trails,” recommended only for expert off-roaders with roll cages on their vehicles. You can also try the obstacle course, which you can do on a motorcycle, ATV, or in a car. You could also go see the beautiful rock garden they have set up. If you’ve never been to The Ozarks, this is a great place to start your journey.

Redneck Mud Park

Found in Punta Gorda, Florida, Redneck Mud Park is exactly what it sounds like. Mud holes as far as you can see make for brilliant racecourses to truly test your mettle. If you want to try something new, consider getting into one of their truck pulls. Or you can just enjoy the scenery in one of their free-riding trails. If you want to make a vacation out of it, they also offer opportunities for camping nearby, so you can hit the mud all day and then take a snooze right next to the course.

Assateague Island

If sand is more your speed and you’re looking for one of the best destinations in the US for off-roading, this tiny island just east of Berlin, Maryland, might be just what you’re looking for. There are tons of beaches you can check out in one of their over-sand vehicles. If you’re seeking awesome beach driving locations and want to see how well your skills translate to sand, Assateague Island has the perfect courses for you.

Cape Cod

If you’re up in New England and looking for beaches to tear through, make a stop in Massachusetts and check out Cape Cod. You can easily get an off-roading permit for your vehicle so you can drive on the beaches. While you’re there, go see Nauset Beach, which isn’t too far away. You’ll find some sand dune courses you can try out. One key thing to remember about beach driving is to always check the tide schedule. You’ll want to make sure you’re going at low tide to have the greatest amount of space.

High Lifter Proving Grounds

If mud is more your speed, you can always head to Shreveport, Louisiana, and check out the High Lifter Proving Grounds. This area has a track record for getting trucks and ATVs stuck in the muddy bayou, so if you’re thinking of taking on this challenge, make sure to bring a winch along with you. Louisiana’s bayou is the perfect place to really put your truck to the test in some seriously sticky mud. Just be sure you’re prepared for the challenge with the right equipment before you head out.

No matter where you go to check out the United States’ best off-roading opportunities, American Modified can help your truck get ready for whatever you put it through. Check out our collection of aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories to get your Jeep ready for any trail you take on.

The Best Destinations in the US for Off-Roading
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