The Best Exterior Upgrades for Your Ford Mustang

The Best Exterior Upgrades for Your Ford Mustang

Are you looking to take your Mustang’s style to the next level? Muscle cars are already bold and iconic, but you can make them even more so by incorporating modifications that can also boost your performance. Continue reading to discover the best exterior upgrades for your Ford Mustang.

Rear Spoilers

If you want to show off your car’s powerful look as you leave other vehicles in the dust, rear spoilers are the perfect Mustang modifications for this, adding an aggressive edge to the rear of your car. Another significant advantage is that they’ll make your vehicle more stable at higher speeds. This stability helps you stay in control when you’re cruising down the highway. Furthermore, it can improve traction without compromising the car’s performance by increasing weight, significantly contributing to the stability element.

Window Louvers

Add quarter- and rear-window louvers when you want your modernized pony to have as many nods to retro ’60s and ’70s styling as you can. These Mustang upgrades bring sleek crispness to the sides and back of your vehicle, allowing you to make a massive impact whether you’re on a track or just driving around the city.

You can distinguish quarter-window louvers by how they shut out the quarter window, which you can do with a scoop layout or panel layout. Rear-window louvers conceal the back window, somewhat restricting the view, with a shuttered design that leaves a gap in between each shutter so that you can still see.

Front Bumper and Chin Spoiler

If you want your Mustang to stand out from the crowd, consider replacing the front bumper with something slimmer and more assertive. Furthermore, you can combine a new bumper with a chin spoiler that rests just underneath the bumper. Your Mustang will have a razor-edged game face that gives an overall intimidating look to anyone who comes across your vehicle on the road.

Try one of these best exterior upgrades for your Ford Mustang to get a sleek, provocative style with increased performance to match. American Modified offers all your essential Ford Mustang exterior accessories so that you can transform your pony car into a king of the road. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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