The History of Aftermarket Modifications

The History of Aftermarket Modifications

People have been looking to make alterations to their vehicles from the time the first car was built. Any serious automotive enthusiast has no doubt heard about aftermarket modifications before, but they may not know much about how they came to be. Continue reading to learn the history of aftermarket modifications.

What Are Aftermarket Modifications

Aftermarket modifications are any changes made to vehicles using parts created by a manufacturer other than the original vehicle maker. Many people opt to use aftermarket parts over ones made by the vehicle manufacturer because they give you a wider range of options to choose from for repairs and replacements. You can also completely modify the appearance and performance of your car from head to toe, outside of what the manufacturer may have originally intended.

The Evolution of Aftermarket Modifications

People have always been looking to personalize their vehicles and gain advantages by fine tuning them as much as possible. Today, once a car leaves the factory floor, there’s a wide range of options available to change every aspect of the interior and exterior. Here are some examples throughout history that show just how much the use of aftermarket parts has evolved throughout the years.

Custom Cars

The phrase “custom cars” rose to prominence in the 50s, but people had been making changes to their vehicles long before that. For example, following World War II, numerous businesses began utilizing car modification by placing their logos on vehicles to promote racers and veterans. Auto enthusiasts would take things a step further and replace many more parts, including grilles, bumpers, and taillights, while chrome finish became popular.

Into the 50s, as vibrant colors and patterns on automobiles became a fashionable trend, body work became an important aspect of creating custom cars. One of the most prominent examples was hot rods built to run quicker and appear very distinctive on the outside with various paint schemes, modified and relocated fenders, running boards, and more.

Racing Influence

Racing became extremely popular in the 1960s, and automotive enthusiasts sought to modify their vehicles to obtain the same sporty performance and aesthetic of contemporary racers. Rodding also continued to become a fundamental customization option for many serious gear heads that continued well into the latter half of the century.

Aftermarket Modifications Go Mainstream

While aftermarket parts saw their popularity ebb and flow throughout the years, the 2000s really brought car modifications to the general audience. Reality TV shows like Top Gear, Pimp My Ride, and Monster Garage, along with movies like The Fast and the Furious, made even casual car owners want to trick out their vehicles. More people than ever before now know the benefits that aftermarket parts can offer their car’s looks and performance.

We hope this brief history of aftermarket modifications helped you learn a little more about the changes that vehicle customization has undergone throughout time. When it comes to finding the best aftermarket auto accessories, the professionals at American Modified have a broad range of the highest-quality parts and accessories to make your vehicle stand out. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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