What Is Unique About Ford Vehicles?

What Is Unique About Ford Vehicles?

Ford automobiles have a rich history that's weaved into the very fabric of American culture. Henry Ford made cars that were affordable to everyone and transformed people's lives as we know them. Today, the Ford Motor Company continues to carry on its rich legacy from more than a hundred years ago into the vehicles they build today. If you're interested in learning more, read on to understand what is so unique about Ford Vehicles.

A Brief History of Ford

Understanding the rich tapestry that is the history of Ford Motor vehicles can help identify what makes these automobiles unique. It all goes back to Henry Ford, who built his first car back in 1896 before founding what would become the Ford Motor Company. Some of the highlights of Henry Ford's legacy include the following:

  • Ford and his vice president took the world by storm with the five-dollar workday, which doubled his workers' wages. This wage increase contributed to the transformation of American culture, with many impoverished and disaffected Americans coming to Detroit in search of higher-paying employment.
  • The moving assembly line completely transformed the way vehicles are made to this day. Parts would flow down a conveyor belt allowing workers specially trained on each part to assemble it piece by piece.
  • Because of production efficiency, the Model T provided mobility on a never-before-seen magnitude at a great price point that made it easy for anyone to afford.

Iconic Looks

When you see it on the street or in movies, it's easy to see why the Ford Mustang is the epitome of classic cool. In addition to the Mustang, Ford has many other classic and iconic lines of vehicles that stand out among the competition, like the Ford-F150 and Shelby GT500. These cars have a unique look and are packed with power to help you drive in style.

Packed With Infotainment Systems

The Ford Motor Company was an early trailblazer when it came to comprehensive entertainment systems inside their vehicles, also known as infotainment. Today, this takes the form of a technology called Sync. Sync is an in-vehicle communication and entertainment system that uses voice commands to allow you to conduct hands-free phone calls, operate your music, and many other functions with ease.

Powerful and Fuel-Efficient Engines

Ford was one of the first American car manufacturers to introduce smaller turbocharged engines into their vehicles. The company dubbed this technology EcoBoost, which indicates how a more compact turbocharged engine can deliver massive power and performance while remaining fuel efficient.

A turbocharger is attached to an engine to increase its power. Turbochargers enable smaller engines to produce more horsepower and torque than they would otherwise. Turbochargers use the hot, ejected air from the engine to rotate the compressor wheel and draw in outside air. As a result, the amount of waste your Ford vehicle produces becomes minimized.

There are several key benefits of utilizing turbocharging in Ford vehicles, including:

  • They enable automakers to cut spending. When the cost of powertrains decreases, automakers will invest more in safety, entertainment, and luxury amenities all through the vehicle.
  • On the EPA's fuel economy testing cycle, Ford's turbocharged engines outperform conventionally aspirated engines. Low-end torque provides faster upshifts and more outstanding performance at lower speeds, which is common when driving in the city.
  • Vehicles can switch from a V6 engine to a four-cylinder or three-cylinder one with a minimal decrease in power.

Great in Severe Weather

Ford's AdvanceTrac electronic stability system enhances vehicle handling on all driving surfaces, including snow, sleet, mud, rain-covered highways, and solid concrete. Installing AdvanceTrac in vehicles has several benefits, such as increasing stopping power, improving traction, increased responsiveness, and providing enhanced stability.

AdvanceTrac works by using a set of small gyroscopic sensors that measures the vehicle's steadiness 150 times every second. Suppose wheel slippage, oversteering, or understeering is recognized. In that case, an adequate braking pressure level funnels to one or more wheels or decreases the engine power. These activities aid in keeping the car on the driver's desired course.

In addition to the AdvanceTrac system, newer Ford vehicles have extra traction and control capabilities, such as:

  • Improved friction when accelerating over slick surfaces.
  • When you are towing a trailer, they provide the same stability monitoring and management that helps decrease trailer sway.
  • Hill Start Assist is a feature that helps start you off on the right foot. When driving up a slope, it prevents the automobile from sliding or rolling.
  • The engine and brake systems work together to match the correct amount of traction for particular driving conditions using innovative 4WD assistance.
  • You can choose between four driving settings to synchronize torque and throttle adjustments with terrain management systems.
  • When traveling downhill, set and maintain a steady pace using hill descent control.

Driver Assistance Technologies

Newer Ford vehicles incorporate a suite of driver-assist technologies called Co-Pilot 360 that help you navigate the road with ease. This technology is a building block to a future where Ford vehicles may be completely self-driving. Some of the features of Co-Pilot 360 include:

  • BlindSpot Info System can detect other vehicles on the road that may be in your blind spot or help when you are pulling out of a parking spot.
  • A lane-keeping system detects your vehicle's location between the lines on the road ahead of you and can warn you if the vehicle gets too near to the lane's edge.
  • A collision prevention system can warn you about potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians that may be up ahead. This system can also apply your brakes quickly to avoid disaster.

When all these features and qualities come together, it's easy to see what is unique about Ford vehicles. They offer style, safety, and luxury, all at an affordable price point for consumers.

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What Is Unique About Ford Vehicles?
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