Why People Race Honda Civics and How to Upgrade Yours

Why People Race Honda Civics and How to Upgrade Yours

It’s not the first car that comes to mind when you think about racing, maybe it’s not even the second, but for years the humble Honda Civic has proven its mettle in the raceways. The choice of many who perhaps can’t get their hands on a traditional sports or muscle car or people have been modifying Honda Civics for years. Let’s answer the question about why people race Honda Civics and how to upgrade yours.

Easily Upgradable

There’s no getting around the fact that finding the perfect upgrades can be costly and time consuming. Thankfully, the Honda Civic is much easier to upgrade than cars of a more complex make. Honda offers lots of helpful gear and technical support to new drivers who are just getting started in racing. Here at American Modified, we also offer the best in Honda upgrade parts, including fenders, window covers, and even full bumper conversion packages.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The Civic is a car you don’t need to fight with. Unlike larger models where it’s challenging to add in extra horsepower, the Honda Civic remains lightweight without sacrificing that power. On the racetrack, Honda Civics consistently hold their own against heavier models and remain one of the most beginner-friendly racecars on the market.

It’s Street Legal

To those car enthusiasts who have the money and space for a racecar to sit untouched until it’s needed, more power to you. However, not everyone can have a bunch of cars parked all over their driveways. One of the understated benefits of the Honda Civic is that, even after some modding and aftermarket purchases, it’s still street legal. Given its safety record, you could even use it as a family car during your day-to-day.

The real answer to why people race Honda Civics is that they can! With plenty of ways to up your game, in both style and performance, American Modified is here to make sure that your own Honda Civic is upgraded, modded to perfection, and ready to hit the streets. Whether those streets are in a racetrack or around your neighborhood, the choice is up to you.

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