Why You Should Install Your Car’s Grille at Home

Why You Should Install Your Car’s Grille at Home

Installing an aftermarket grille on your vehicle is simple. Furthermore, custom grilles increase the aesthetic appeal and performance of your car, making it an easy decision to install them. Continue reading to explore more reasons why you should install your car's grille at home.

Benefits of Aftermarket Grilles

Gravel, branches, and other debris that jump up from the road at high rates of speed are prone to damaging factory grilles. Custom grilles will protect your vehicle from these road hazards and save you money on pricey visits to the shop to fix any damage they cause.

Aftermarket grilles can also permit more air to pass through the engine, reducing the risk of overheating while simultaneously improving performance. Additionally, custom grilles can help you personalize and significantly enhance the look of your car. Finally, you raise the vehicle’s resale value when you boost its overall usefulness or look.

Why Install Them at Home

Mounting car grilles at home saves money. Additionally, if you have a basic understanding of auto maintenance, car grille installation will be fast and easy. You only need a screwdriver, masking tape, and about an hour of free time.

The aftermarket grilles available from manufacturers for various models and trims are engineered to install easily. If you wish to go back to the stock grille, the process is equally as quick and straightforward as installing the custom insert in the first place.

Getting Everything Ready

You'll start by selecting a grille. American Modified has a large assortment of different options to choose from to get the right fit for your vehicle. Then, wrap masking tape over the sides of the apertures for added protection during the grill installation. Finally, protect the paintwork by covering all corners and edges.

Attaching the Grille

Start by removing the existing grill from the opening if necessary. The original may effortlessly unscrew, or you may need to cut it out. Then, carefully position the new grille, ensuring that it's level with the ground. If your grill includes hooks that snap into place beneath the mesh, make sure you properly secure them.

When these hooks don't immediately snap on, you'll want to put a screwdriver through the mesh to gently relocate them. Next, reinstall any screws or nuts you took off the original grille. Finally, take off the masking tape.

We hope we've illustrated the many reasons why you should install your car's grille at home. American Modified is proud to offer front LED grilles that attract style and attention while acting as response and marker lights. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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