The Best Upgrades To Make To Your Ford F-150

The Best Upgrades To Make To Your Ford F-150

When it comes to a truck you can rely on, there aren’t many better options than the Ford F-150. A powerful engine and a large bed make this beast of a machine many people’s first choice when it comes to an everyday truck. One of the best features of the F-150 is how customizable it is. There are a ton of different upgrades you can add to a Ford F-150 to really make it feel like your own. No one wants their truck to feel like they just drove it off the lot. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the best upgrades to make to your Ford F-150, so you can feel like your truck is one-of-a-kind.


One of the F-150’s most striking features is the large front grille. Plenty of people have been drawn into the F-150 by the powerful-looking grille, but you can customize it so you can get the exact look you desire. Not only is the grill of your car a big statement piece, but it can also improve airflow into your car’s engine as well. American Modified supplies our customers with high-quality F-150 grilles at extremely affordable prices.

Bull Bars

A fantastic combination of both form and function, a bull bar in front of your grille will give you extra peace of mind about the front of your truck. These hefty bars give F-150s that classic, powerful look—and they’re very practical as well. They can protect your truck from anything, whether it’s a small fender bender in the grocery store parking lot or accidentally hitting a deer out on a country road.

Air Intake

Speaking of getting more air into your engine, another great upgrade for your truck is going to be an air intake upgrade. F-150s already have pretty good air intakes to help fuel their large engines, but you can really make your truck sing with an even better one. When you get more air into the engine, it means it can burn more fuel at a time. This means better acceleration and speed as you’re driving. You can choose between cold air and short ram intakes. Neither of these air intake systems is necessarily better than the other, but they do offer some differences in performance depending on what you’d prefer.

Towing Hitch

The best upgrades to make to your Ford F-150 are the ones that build upon the strengths it already brings to the table. With its powerful engine comes a great amount of towing power. If you don’t have a tow hitch because you bought a used car or wanted a cheaper model, you can still add one in after the fact. A tow hitch is something you won’t even realize you need until you already have it. The flexibility provided by being able to tow things whenever you want gives a sense of freedom you can’t get with any other smaller cars.

Truck Bed Cover

The F-150’s bed is one of the best features of the entire truck. You can haul a ton of cargo in it and it makes the whole truck look more powerful. The only downside is that the truck is completely open for anyone to look inside or take items from if you’re not careful. One easy F-150 upgrade to get early on is to simply buy a cover for your truck bed. You can keep it locked so no one can get inside of it and it will protect whatever you’re hauling from the elements as well. It also gives your truck a more cohesive look, especially if you get a hardtop cover in the same color as the rest of your car.

Floor Liners

You want that truck to look brand new for as long as possible, don’t you? These may seem like small upgrades, but the right rubberized floor liners can make your truck’s interior look great and protect it from any dirt and mud being tracked in, too. It’s little upgrades like these that allow you to make your F-150 your own without the need to break the bank or change it up too much. Never underestimate how big of an impact even the smallest of details can have on the overall look and function of your car.

LED Headlights

Upgrading to LED headlights is a fast way to see real improvement in your driving experience. LEDs produce far more lumens than the average bulb and really light up your night driving experience. LEDs also produce a much more natural looking light, closer to daylight, for an even easier time driving at night. Headlights and taillights are some of the easiest upgrades to install on your own, making them a great pick for someone who is new to the car modification scene.

Running Boards and Rock Sliders

There’s no getting around the fact that the F-150 is a very large car. This means that some running boards or rock sliders could be extremely beneficial based on what you use your truck for. If you prefer to stay on the road, a new set of running boards will allow you and others to step into the truck much easier. On the other hand, if off-roading is your game of choice, you can add on some rock sliders to protect the underside of your F-150 while going over rough terrain.


No matter what you’re using your truck for, we all want a nice and smooth ride. That’s where an upgrade to your suspension comes in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting your truck up, lowering it down, or trying to off-road more efficiently—your suspension is going to be key to making sure your driving experience isn’t a bumpy nightmare ride. When it comes to Ford F-150 performance parts, your suspension is going to carry you for a long while, so it’s worth the upgrade.

With so many customization options, it can get a little overwhelming to think about making your F-150 even more complex than it already is. American Modified provides F-150 owners with upgrades that will improve the overall experience of driving your truck because we love these vehicles as much as you do. If you ever need help with finding the right modification, or if you need help installing one of the mods we sell, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Best Upgrades To Make To Your Ford F-150
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