Warning Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Taillights

Warning Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Taillights

No one wants to get pulled over, but, unfortunately, it's something that can happen if your taillights are out. It’s unsafe to drive without functioning taillights, and it’s also against the law.

These warning signs that it’s time to replace your taillights will help you avoid getting a ticket (or worse).

Do Not Work When Headlights Are On

If your taillights don't work when the headlights are on, it's a sure sign that they need replacing. This sign is because daylight running lights (required in some states) use the same filament as the taillight. If one burns out, the other probably is, too.

Brake Light Isn't Working

The brake light is the most critical part of the taillight, so if it's not working, you need to replace the entire unit. Fortunately, most cars have two brake lights, so you'll still have some warning if one goes out.

Dim or Flickering Lights

If your taillights appear dim or are flickering, that’s another sign that they need replacement. This dimming can be caused by burning burned-out bulbs or damaged wiring. It's best to have these problems diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible to avoid getting pulled over and potentially fined.

Slow Response Time

If your taillights are slow to respond, they may not be getting the necessary power or be otherwise damaged. This slow response can be dangerous, mainly when driving at night or in bad weather conditions.

If you notice any of these warning signs, it's time to replace your taillights. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair that is possible at home with the help of a friend or family member.

We can supply you with the modified tail lights and other components you need to replace your old, damaged lights. Visit us online today to learn more about our high-quality automotive parts and accessories selection.

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