Is It Possible for a Spoiler To Improve a Honda Civic’s Performance

Is It Possible for a Spoiler To Improve a Honda Civic’s Performance

Since 1972, the Honda Civic has remained the premier compact car on the market. As the sixth bestselling automobile of all time worldwide, this reliable vehicle is famous for its durability, sustainability, and loads of character. Not long ago, consumers realized the performance potential of the Civic, making it a popular car to modify and drive fast.

The Civic’s customizability stems from its compact rating and interchangeable parts. Within the tuner community, people regularly transform this modest car into a rubber-burning beast. However, one customization question, in particular, seems to divide many gearheads across countless discussion boards online. They ask, “Is it possible for a spoiler to improve a Honda Civic’s performance?”

What Does a Spoiler Do?

A veteran car enthusiast probably already knows what a spoiler is and how it benefits a vehicle – for the newbies, here’s a quick run-down:

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device meant to divert wind forces across a moving vehicle to either reduce resistance and drag or increase downforce and grip. Some spoilers balance both of these tasks. Simply put, spoilers “spoil” airflow, thus reducing any adverse performance effects it may have.

Spoilers gained popularity mainly in motorsports, as they made racecars faster and more fuel efficient. Not to mention, big spoilers look mean atop any supercar. Flash forward to today, and spoilers are common on commercial vehicles everywhere for many of the same reasons.

Spoilers on the Road

So why put a crazy big wing on the back of your modest compact car? Does it really affect the performance enough to justify the purchase? First off, not all spoilers are the same. In fact, your car at home may have an aerodynamic accessory on it without you knowing, called a lip spoiler. These are subtle, barely protruding components that sit on the edge of a trunk. Most cars feature an air dam spoiler under the front bumper.

Since not all spoilers are enormous racing wings, their implementation on various automobiles is practical. For a Honda Civic owner specifically, there are many ways a spoiler can increase overall performance.

Stability in the Rear

Most models of Honda Civics are heavier upfront. Therefore, they “bounce” around in the rear when traveling at high speeds. In this instance, a rear spoiler can remedy stability issues to a slight degree and make your driving or racing experience more enjoyable.

Cornering at high speeds becomes far easier with a rear spoiler, as your car will stick to the ground more efficiently. Lastly, a well-installed spoiler increases the vehicle's ability to brake, meaning far more effective braking all around in regular driving and weekend racing.

Gas Efficiency

Nothing ruins an enjoyable cruise or romp on the track like an urgent visit to the gas station. Luckily, Honda Civics have elite gas mileage ratings and even feature economy modes. However, if you’re looking to get even more mileage out of your tank, a spoiler is perfect for you.

Drag is when the wind hitting your car slows the entire vehicle down. In turn, this causes the engine to work harder to accomplish less. With a spoiler pushing air away from your Civic’s body, you don’t sacrifice fuel for performance. Not only does this boost your Honda’s ability, but more importantly, it saves you money down the line. Air dams in the front of the vehicle accomplish this task most effectively.

Reduced Weight

Imagine adding a feature to your already heavy car, and somehow that addition actually subtracts the overall weight. Well, unfortunately, that phenomenon is impossible. However, a well-installed spoiler reduces drag, which at high speeds makes the car feel lighter. While this isn’t a huge performance upgrade, the feeling it gives you can make the driving experience far more enjoyable if you’re a speed freak.

American Modified offers many Honda Civic performance parts made of lightweight, quality materials. These enhance the performance of your ride so that you can have more fun while driving.

Increased Control

Modifications of any kind on your vehicle give you more control over how it performs, as most customizations tweak different factors of your car to match your preferred driving style. Spoilers provide you with the opportunity to make your car stick better on the road and reduce lift when driving at full throttle. You can then take corners at higher speeds.

These are all factors of your car that manufacturers determine. Basically, the way your vehicle drives before a spoiler is entirely out of your hands. If you want to have creative control over the performance of your Honda Civic, installing aerodynamic accessories is an easy way to achieve that goal.

Visible Enhancements

There are a few visual enhancements that spoilers can provide for your Honda Civic. First off, a big rear wing makes your car far more visible to others around you. If you’ve modified your vehicle to lower the body to the ground, a wing will keep you discernible to other drivers. It’ll reduce the chances of an accidental collision. Furthermore, a spoiler wing with a built-in brake light further boosts your car’s distinguishability.

While your vehicle’s aesthetic doesn’t directly affect its performance, it’s a crucial factor in any modified car. All enthusiasts strive to create unique automobiles that are extensions of themselves and their personalities. Accessories add to the body of your ride and give it character to stand out from the crowd.

The question, “Is it possible for a spoiler to improve a Honda Civic’s performance?” is both simple and wildly complex. In short, the correct installation of any aerodynamic accessories will always improve how your car drives to some degree.

Reducing or increasing drag (depending on your desire) in even the slightest manner affects how your car drives. Additionally, the fuel efficiency that comes from adding a wing or air dam benefits your Civic’s performance and the experience of driving it. Lastly, spoilers add loads of character to an already beloved car model. At the end of the day, loving your car for its personality and uniqueness is the whole reason gearheads devote time and energy to automobiles.

At American Modified, we offer countless quality parts and accessories to boost your Civic’s performance and aesthetic. Choose the right components to ensure the best possible driving experience in your one-of-a-kind Honda Civic.

Is It Possible for a Spoiler To Improve a Honda Civic’s Performance

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