The Best Jeep Mods You Should Have

The Best Jeep Mods You Should Have

When it comes to modifying cars, there are a lot of factors to consider. First, you have to decide what car you want to modify. Then, you’ll need to decide on the exact modification you want to make. When it comes to the perfect car to modify, there are few arguments when it comes to the Jeep line of cars. Jeeps have a long history of modification, one that has served them well, even now in the future. If you want to modify your Jeep, there are plenty of ways to start off. Whether they’re purely for aesthetics or more for performance, American Modified has a variety of the best Jeep mods you should have on your car. Let’s take a look at a few of them so you can make the most informed choice about your mods.

Front Bumper

The front bumper is where your car sees the most action, whether you’re on or off the road. A stock bumper is made of cheaper, easy to manufacture plastic and can’t stand up to the rigors that a Jeep truck was made for. Upgrading your front bumper doesn’t just look more stylish— it’s also a great way to reinforce your car’s exterior. Nicks and bumps, be they from other cars or the outdoors, won’t bother the rest of your Jeep if you have a proper bumper installed.

Headlights and Taillights

As one of the easiest mods to install yourself, headlights and taillights can pay off big time in both style and function. American Modified has a wide array of LED and halogen-based lightbulbs that you can easily slot into your Jeep. They not only provide more visibility at night or in dark areas, such as in the countryside, but they also make your Jeep look less like it came right off the assembly line. No one wants their Jeep to look completely stock.

Grab Handles

Grab handles are extra bars that can be installed into a Jeep for extra places to grip on to during turbulent rides. They make the interior of your car stand out from the rest and help your passengers feel safer. Another great benefit is that grab handles allow for an easier time in your truck when you opt not to have a top on it. Great for off-roading, grab handles are a must for any serious Jeep driver.

Winch System

Going off-roading should be an exciting and fun adventure. However, that fun can quickly be stopped by deep mud or water, putting you and your car in a bad situation. That’s why winch systems are so important to have on any off-roading vehicle. When you get too deep in the muck, just attach the hook to something sturdy nearby and get pulling. You’ll be out of that pit in no time, as opposed to a lengthy wait for outside help.


If you want a unique look to your Jeep while also helping out its steering capabilities, look no further than a good set of fenders. Fenders open up the wheel well around your wheel, allowing the wheel to have a wider range of motion. This is extremely useful when it comes to handling, especially handling the truck off-road. More room around the wheels creates the opportunity to climb up larger inclines and rocky terrain. Having good fenders goes a long way to creating the off-roading experience that you’re looking for.


If you really want true customizability, choosing your tires can be one of the biggest choices you make for your Jeep. You can keep them small or go much bigger. The type of tread on the tires matters. You don’t really need to be driving around a city using big, rugged off-roading tires. Match your tires to the function that you want your Jeep to perform and you’ll have a much better drive.

Hood Latches

To new Jeep owners, one of the things that you’ll either have to get used to or fix is the hood of your truck. On some models, the hood can jostle around a lot and it can be nerve-wracking to watch as you’re driving. New hood latches fix this problem instantly by creating a more secure lock between the hood and the chassis. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about your hood popping open unexpectedly.

Soft Tops

Some people say that you’re not really driving a Jeep the right way if you’re not riding in it with a soft top. Soft tops are great to modify your Jeep with because they give you options. If you’re cruising down a country road, you want the wind in your hair. Driving in the summer? Take it down to get some fresh air. If winter’s around the corner, put up the top and you’re good to go. The versatility of the soft top is one of its best-selling points.

Lift Kits

There’s a reason that lift kits are one of the first mods that new Jeep owners tend to buy. In fact, not getting one is almost like you’re cheating yourself because they offer so many benefits to the standard Jeep. The aesthetics of a lifted Jeep are second to none, and the extra clearance opens up so many new places to go and things to see. Getting your truck lifted also means you can drive through much deeper water without any problems.

These are some of the best Jeep mods you should have, and we hope we’ve made a good case as to why they’re so important to the look, feel, and performance of your car. American Modified prides itself on providing its customers with high-quality Jeep Wrangler aftermarket performance parts, as well as modifications to Jeep Gladiators too. Jeeps have a certain something about them that calls to people that wish to get out into the world and see as much as they can. We want to be the facilitator of that dream by helping you find exactly the parts you need to keep your Jeep running strong, no matter what kind of job or terrain you put it through.

The Best Jeep Mods You Should Have
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