The Difference Between Honda Civic Si and Type R

The Difference Between Honda Civic Si and Type R

The Honda Civic is one car that has really made a name for itself throughout its life cycle. As one of the most popular cars in the country, it even has a presence in the racing circuit. However, not all Honda Civics are made equally. The Honda Civic Si and the Type R are similar in many ways but also have a few crucial differences. In this article, we’ll go over the difference between the Honda Civic Si and the Type R so you can make a more informed decision based on your own criteria.

The Price

Obviously, you can’t talk about two different kinds of similar cars without discussing the price difference. In this case, the Civic Type R is going to be your more expensive option, while the Civic Si is going to be your more economical option. There are some tradeoffs though, and the Type R isn’t automatically better in all regards just because it is more expensive.

The Performance

The Civic Type R is what you’ll want to look at more if performance is your number one concern. While both models are turbocharged, the Type R will have more horsepower and torque. This does not mean the Si is a slouch when it comes to power, as the Si has around 205 horsepower where the Type R clocks in at around 300. But if you’re going to be pushing your Honda Civic to the limit, you may want to consider the slightly more expensive Type R.

The Features

It is the extra features where the Civic Si begins to shine. Because the Type R is more focused on performance than comfort, you won’t get the same amenities that the Si enjoys. Extra safety features, a power moonroof, and heated seats all come standard with the Si, but are missing in the Type R. If being more comfortable in your car is the more important aspect to you, then the Si comes out ahead of its more expensive brother.

The Final Decision

When we look at the differences between the Honda Civic Si and the Type R, we see how they both excel in different ways. If being first over the finish line is your goal, the more powerful Type R is going to be your best bet. If you want a more compact and comfortable car, then look no further than the Si.

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