The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to your car, you only want the best—the best care, the best maintenance, and the best parts available. We understand how important these things are to the health and longevity of your vehicle. When it comes to parts, you have two options: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket. To give you some context, we’ll go over the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts so you can make the decision as to which parts are the right fit for your vehicle.

What They Mean

The biggest difference between OEM and aftermarket parts is who manufactures them. OEM parts, as their name suggests, are made by the company that originally manufactured the car itself. Aftermarket parts are made by separate companies that produce similar parts after the vehicle has gone to market. This distinction is important to remember as we consider the benefits of each option.


One of the most important distinctions between the two is the level of quality the parts have. OEM parts come with the knowledge that you are getting a part that performs as expected of the original since the two are exactly the same. On the other hand, aftermarket parts can vary in quality based on the manufacturer. Reputable manufacturers can often produce even higher quality parts than the OEM ones.


While OEM parts may seem like a logical choice, you have to remember that the manufacturers only create parts for their most recent product lines. This means that if you have a slightly older car or one that’s quite rare, finding OEM parts for them can be almost impossible. Aftermarket parts can be made for any number of cars, whether old or new, which will allow you to fix up and improve a car that is no longer in production or isn’t supported by the manufacturer any longer.


For the most part, aftermarket parts will be cheaper than OEM parts because you aren’t also paying for brand name pieces. Aftermarket manufacturers can also produce at a much higher scale, leading to lower costs for the buyer. If an aftermarket part is more expensive than an OEM part, it is most likely because it is of higher quality than the original part in the vehicle.

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