What Famous Movie and TV Vehicles Have Been Fords?

What Famous Movie and TV Vehicles Have Been Fords?

Ford has developed some genuinely extraordinary cars that have left an indelible impact on the big screen. Over the years, we've seen Mustangs outrace villains, make incredible stunt leaps, and help solidify character's cool factors in many films. Read on to learn what famous movie and TV vehicles have been Fords.

Gran Torino (2008)

The protagonist of this film is Walt Kowalski, a newly widowed Korean War veteran who is estranged from his family and enraged at the world. Thao Vang Lor, Walt's young neighbor, takes Walt's cherished 1972 Ford Gran Torino. Though he’s reluctant, his cousin persuades him to do this as part of his gang initiation. Walt foils the attempted robbery and later builds a friendship with the young man and his family.

The 1972 Ford Gran Torino

As the title and description suggest, the movie heavily features the 1972 Ford Gran Torino. The vehicle in the film is a genuine make and model that Eastwood's crew discovered online, and Warner Brothers purchased the car from a vintage car vendor on eBay. While the automobile doesn't feature in nearly as many, if any, action-packed scenes as other well-known movie Ford vehicles, it carries significant symbolism for Clint Eastwood's character. It represents a passing of the baton to the next generation.

Facts About the Gran Torino

The 1972 Gran Torino Sport seen in the film features a 300-horsepower output, capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in under seven seconds. This helped it hold its own against other contemporary muscle cars in its day. The movie vehicle also includes a Ram Air Induction kit, which includes a functioning air scoop and a split twin exhaust. With gold laser stripes and a black vinyl top, the Gran Torino stands on its own as a classic in cinema. The vehicle’s magnum 500 wheels with Goodrich radials, Coke-bottle design, and dark metallic green paint add to its iconic look.

Charlie's Angels (1976-1981)

Charlie's Angels premiered in March 1976 and chronicled the efforts of undercover detectives Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith), Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson), and Jull Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) to solve and stop crimes. The off-screen Charlie Townsend gave them their commands and supervised the Angels’ crime-fighting activities via a speakerphone. The television series saw many cast changes after its debut but helped launch season one star Farah Fawcett to superstardom at the time.

The 1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra

While each Angel had their own signature vehicle, it was Farrah Fawcett's Mustang Cobra that captured the attention of the pop culture zeitgeist. The car was instantly identifiable, with its hood scoop, quarter window louvers, front and rear spoilers, and broad blue racing stripe peeling across the top. It was as sporty and adventurous as the characters in the show. The program's success prompted Ford to sell more than 25,000 Cobra appearance package choices in 1976—more than five times what it planned to sell in its limited initial release.

Facts About the Mustang II Cobra

This car features a three-door coupé body with a front-mounted engine powering the rear wheels. To meet the tighter EPA rules at the time, Ford offered just four- and six-cylinder engines to keep the weight and costs down.

John Wick (2014)

The John Wick franchise hit the ground running with its first film back in 2014. It featured engaging fight choreography and hyper-focused action sequences. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is on the lookout for the men who came into his house, stole his vintage Ford Mustang, and killed his dog—the last present from his recently departed wife. The eponymous action hero then fights his way through bounty hunters and the Russian Mob in retaliation.

The 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

People widely regard the Boss 429 as one of the rarest and most valuable muscle vehicles ever made. So, it's understandable that Wick is enraged when he loses it. In fact, the car is so rare that the vehicle in the movie is actually a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 that the crew tweaked to emulate the look of the Boss 429. The genuine Boss cars were much too rare and costly to risk driving around for the film, with well-preserved or repaired versions fetching upwards of 500,000 dollars.

Facts About the Mustang Boss 429

Ford built the Boss 429 from the ground up to compete with Chrysler's 426 Hemi engine, which the company utilized in NASCAR cars. The company constructed a total of 1358 Boss 429s for the 1969 and 1970 model years, which is why there are so few remaining today. The hood's body lines came to a sharp point at the front. A chrome ring encircled the radiator grille, which housed two inner sealed-beam headlights. The vehicle also had an engine capable of generating 375 horsepower and 450 ft-lb of torque.

Bullitt (1968)

Steve McQueen portrays a San Francisco officer named Frank Bullitt who is supposed to protect a syndicate witness. However, the witness dies. Bullitt becomes desperate to identify the underworld boss who assassinated the witness under his protection, leading to one of cinema's most thrilling car chases.

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt

The Ford Mustang that Steve McQueen drives in the film is arguably the most famous automobile in cinema history. It's the embodiment of classic American cool, reflecting its driver's confident demeanor and uncompromising attitude. The most exciting sequence comes near the end of the movie when the vehicle features prominently in a ten-minute car chase through the hilly streets of San Francisco

Facts About the 1968 Mustang GT Bullitt

The Ford Mustang McQueen drives in the movie recently sold at auction for a whopping $3.4 million. This amount is the most anyone has ever paid for a Ford vehicle at an auction. It produces 320 horsepower (occasionally over 330) at 4,800 rpm and could achieve 427 lb-ft of torque at 3,200 rpm when it was new.

When it comes to what famous movie and TV vehicles have been Fords, one thing is clear: Ford vehicles have a strong association with the rugged renegades who prefer to drive sleek, powerful cars on film. After witnessing these incredible movies and shows, many people have moved on to purchase their own Ford muscle or pony cars.

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What Famous Movie and TV Vehicles Have Been Fords?
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