Why Are Hondas the Most Reliable Vehicles?

Why Are Hondas the Most Reliable Vehicles?

Many people will recommend getting a Honda when you're looking for a safe and reliable vehicle. You've undoubtedly had friends and family who have told you the very same. And it's true. Hondas are incredibly dependable vehicles ideal for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Why are Hondas the most reliable vehicles? Read below to learn the answers.

High Reliability

Honda's brand reliability, according to sites like RepairPal, is well above average. They rank Hondas as the number one brand out of 31 others with a reliability rating of four out of five. This number frankly speaks for itself as to why people hold Hondas in such high esteem. On top of this, other companies, such as J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, as well as individual drivers themselves, attest to the reliability of Honda vehicles. With numerous sources speaking to the quality of these cars, it’s clear that you can count on them to perform admirably over time.

Lower Repair Costs

Seeing the check engine light pop on in your car is such a dreaded sight for car owners. Unexpected repair bills can put a severe dent in your wallet, so having a vehicle that won't break down on you is extremely important for people. Luckily, Hondas have a meager average annual repair cost of just 428 dollars compared to a 652-dollar average for other models. That price means you will typically pay much less year-over-year for both routine maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Few, If Any, Major Issues Annually

Looking more into what factors into the Honda reliability rating, a couple more trends appear. One is that Honda has an average of 0.3 repairs per year for their vehicles compared to 0.4 on average for other brands. This number may not seem significant at first glance, but when you realize it considers millions of vehicles, the difference becomes substantial. Another factor is that when Hondas need repairs, each repair's urgency is incredibly low compared to the average.

Superior Technology

In the late 1980s, Honda began implementing Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) in their vehicles. VTEC is an incredible system that allows an engine to breathe efficiently at higher RPMs, improving its performance. Essentially, Honda's VTEC helps you save money on gas without losing performance.

Hopefully, this guide has answered the question of why Hondas are the most reliable vehicles. They’re the perfect automobiles for anyone who needs to rely on them day in and day out.

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